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Sunday, 2019-05-19




First post on this page :) let’s make this a time to remember!! Well I am going to say with I think about you... and I am going to try to post something new every day I don’t know how long it will last but... it’s not hard to give it a shoot... 

You remember the good old days don’t you... the days we could not stop talking... we was on the phone 24/7 well to be honest I feel a lot better now than them good days... I can finally say how much I love you and tell you how beautiful you are and tell you the truth...

now... by now you know how much I love you... and you know how I would do anything for you even if it killed me :D... but I do them things because I care and because you make me happy... I mean look your always smiling (like right now) and I am to... right now I’m sick and in pain and you still got me smiling... you can take that away in 30 mins... and with the way we are going I don’t think it will be anytime soon either... 

I love you baby... I hope you love me to :) I will try my best to show you that i do to... and i will prove to you that I can be a bf... whatever happens I am still here for you... not a lot of men keep that promise... but I told you what I was doing for Cris... anyways read this carefully.

Ever seen a sad movie and felt really bad for them but in a good way? Well times that by like 50 that’s how feel about you... Your smile takes me to a place that I can easily mistake as heaven... no matter how hard I try there is no way I will hold back a smile over it :) your voice... like I said lips of an angel... that explains everything... and I never seen you sad that just makes you all the better... 

Baby, I love you and I am going to fight for you :)

This is the first post that’s why it was so long and touching...


Love, Christopher Zoch

To, Celeste



March 9, 2011

So the last couple of days we had a great time... I loved the time I spent with you, hopefully we have more great times... Let the time just go rolling by... This way we can be with each other... I love you so much... I seen you cry today... Sad tears :( killed me I tried my best to cheer you up... I made it like two time... I love your smile so much... I don't think I could ever get made at you... I got an idea... I will just forgive you for everything you do wrong now... This way I cant have any problems :)... 

So... Anyways... I just want you to know I will be here for you throw the hard times and the best times... I picked to date you... Because I am willing to be there for you... and to be on your side no matter what happens... I am going to pick you over family anyday... You mean alot to me and thats going to stay like that... I dont ever want to lose you ever... I know you feel the same... :) anyway here todays issue :)

Love, Christopher Zoch

To, Celeste